Suraksha India

Company Profile

SURAKSHA Electronic Equipments & Salutation Pvt. Ltd. is dynamic, self-sufficient fast growing in the field of An Ultimate E- surveillance. We started our company with the idea of creating an easier avenue for customers to purchase quality product .For over many years we have provided our customers with the constant commitment to exceptional service .In really, our customer service department is better defined as a customer support team. Always attentive to the need our customers, we make it a point to put for the extra effort in satisfying those need. We pledge to get customers exactly what they need in the timeliest fashion, without errors. Our practice is to resolve production downtime through efficiency and precision, and when a customer is not sure of what they need, our support team commits to the responsibility of filling in all the answer to our customers question. For us it is simply a matter of professional ethics.

Without comprising our integrity in customer relation, we continue to seek and introduce new strategies for marketing and service that batter meet the need of those who depend on us for quality product. We invite to you to join our growing pool of satisfied customers and discover the difference efficient reliable customer support can make.

Our History

We have entered in the year 1994 to serve the integrated in Electronic Field. Right now we have started marketing and giving our best possible services in Gujrat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The company dedication to provide only high quality product from leading manufacture from the globe and timely exceptional service at -reasonable cost and the same was well received by the prospective customers in the area.

  • E-surveillance system
  • Access control
  • Attendance Recorder
  • Vehicle tracking solution
  • P.A.System For School
  • Fire alarm system

Our Mission

The mission of our company simply started: We help customers provide a safe and secure work, through reliable, thoughtful and timely service. We will only represent product of the highest quality. Each and every employee of security Integrations must genuinely support our creed of reliable service.

We have taken "E-Security" beyond the basic product and address key concerns: Manageability, Availability and Flexibility Being associated with multinationals, we incorporate Intense Project Management Skills (IPMS) in all our Project undertaken, utilizing latest Tools and Testing Equipments and highly trained manpower.